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Who Is Coletrain?

About Coleman “Coletrain” Smith

Coleman’s passion for music and love for education is what led him to launch his first music academy in Decatur, Texas almost a decade ago. To date, Coleman has personally taught thousands of students all over the world and continues to do so through his newest location in Buena Vista, CO. Coleman’s love affair with music began with the violin at the tender age of 3 at which time he began studying the Suzuki Violin Method. During his formative years in the Suzuki Program, Coleman became one of the youngest people ever accepted to the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra, eventually having solo performances with the Dallas Fort Worth Pops Orchestra. Coleman was awarded a full Presidential Scholarship to the music department at Marywood University where he studied music performance and minored in music pedagogy (teaching) graduating Cum Laude.

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We Believe

We believe music & art should be accessible no matter where you call home.

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Professional Curriculum

The Coletrain Station will provide quality, professional music education.

Create Jobs

The Coletrain Station will create jobs both for our local economy and for artists on a global level.

Drive Tourism

The Coletrain Station will help drive intentional tourism that will support our local economy and enrich our community.

Create Community

The Coletrain Station will foster community by creating rich experiences to entertain and educate.

Who Is Coletrain?

About Robin Vega

Robin Vega is primarily responsible for Coletrain Music Academy’s online presence, the development of the studio’s digital infrastructure, and overall brand strategy. This includes creating and designing graphics, building and maintaining CMA’s website, overseeing content marketing initiatives, and helping grow the company using the experience she gained over the past decade as a Marketing & Branding Director. Early in her career, Robin Co-Founded eHome Marketing, a marketing and print software company in Dallas, Texas. eHome Marketing was successfully acquired in 2013 prompting her move to Colorado. Robin is currently a Co-Founding Partner and Vice President of Clean Republic, Inc. located in Boulder, Colorado, and also is the Co-Founder of CAUSE+MEDIC Spa located in Buena Vista, Colorado. She also recently launched a retreat called The River Gathering which caters to female entrepreneurs.

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We Believe


Let The Music Play

Would you like to play a role in helping make The Coletrain Station a reality? Calling all music lovers.teachers.artists.mentors.townies.

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